1. Why is the amount of XCH in Goby different from the amount in my Chia light wallet?

Goby, for now, is a single-address wallet, while Chia wallet is a multi-address wallet. It means that Goby only show the balance of the currently used address. We choose the single-address mode because it’s fast and light. If you’re using the same mnemonic words in Goby and Chia wallet, you can transfer the XCH or CATs (like MRMT, SBX…) from the Chia wallet to the address shown in Goby so that you can get the same balance in both the Chia wallet and Goby. However, it may be different again if you send any tx on the Chia wallet, so the best way is to create a new wallet in Goby. We’re already working on supporting multi-address mode. Stay tuned.

2. How to restore the Chia light wallet with your 12-word recovery phrase from Goby?

If you have installed the GUI version, please refer to Chia Cli guide. Otherwise, you have to install Chia-Blockchain first.

You can execute chia keys add -f 'YOUR_MNEMONIC_FILE' when you have Chia-Blockchain installed and fully synced.